Dr Helen Wickstead MIfA

Dr Helen Wickstead MIfA

Project Role

Fund raising and project management, archaeological excavation, report preparation


Dr Helen Wickstead has been a practicing field archaeologist for over ten years. Her interests include the archaeology of Later Prehistoric Europe, art and visualisation, economic sociology, and, the archaeology of land tenure. She currently co-directs several research projects including the Damerham Cultural Landscapes Project, Trewortha Metallurgical Residues Survey, and, the Shovel Down Archaeological Project. She is coordinator of Artists in Archaeology.

Helen’s monograph ‘Theorising Tenure’ will be published by Archaeopress in 2008. Her recent articles concern the practice of drawing on archaeological sites and the significance of the field in English national identity (see publications list). She has given papers and organized sessions at national and international conferences including the Theoretical Archaeological Group Conference, European Association of Archaeologists Conference and World Archaeological Congress. She successfully completed her doctoral thesis at University College London in 2007. She is currently editing a volume that explores the interface between artistic and archaeological practice.



Prehistoric Revelations

Kingston Review Article, ‘Prehistoric Revelations’, Spring 2010 issue, pgs 22-24.
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Archéothema Article, September 2009

Published in Archéothema magazine, September 2009

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More to Find in the Wessex Heartlands

H Wickstead et al. 2009. More to find in the Wessex heartlands: Remote sensing and geophysical survey near Damerham, Hampshire. CBA Wessex News, Spring 2009, 17-19.

Discoveries to the East of Cranborne Chase

H Wickstead et al. 2009. Discoveries to the East of Cranborne Chase: The Damerham Archaeology Project; in Past: the newsletter of the Prehistoric Society; No. 61, April 2009, pp9-12