Who Are We?

The Damerham Archaeology Project is a voluntary organisation that creates opportunities for people to learn about archaeology. It is run by a team of volunteers including unpaid archaeology professionals, people from Damerham and the surrounding area.

Damerham Archaeology Project is affiliated to the Council for British Archaeology, a national educational charity and funded by donations and grants from educational institutions, conservation bodies and donations from individuals (see our lists of Partners and Supporters).

Why Are We Here?

We believe that understanding the past enriches the present. Knowledge of our heritage should be shared as widely as possible. We think the best way to share our enthusiasm for finding out about the past is to allow as many people as possible the chance to discover it for themselves.

What Do We Do?

We are investigating a remarkable prehistoric landscape recently discovered just outside Damerham village. This includes two prehistoric tombs, circular enclosures and post-settings, burial mounds and field systems. In 2008 we began using scientific instruments to find out more about what lies buried beneath the soil. In future years we will be doing further scientific surveys and beginning excavations in key areas.